PLEASE  wait for your invoice to arrive before paying or enquiring.
Invoices will be sent out a few days after the auction and all information you need will be there - including:
payment methods, collection, shipping, etc.

UK Buyers:

Cash, cheques and bank transfers.

International Buyers:

Bank wire transfers
[international bank account details will be on the invoice - please make sure that all bank charges, for both sending and receiving banks, are paid at your end]
Collection - from our offices, but not on the day of the auction please - see invoice for details - most lots are usually stored at our Scarborough office, but some are stored in London - the lot description and your invoice will tell you which. Collection directly from us may be limited during virus lockdowns.

Delivery / Shipping - We can usually post small items in-house, but for larger lots we often use the services of the following who can supply shipping quotes worldwide for lots stored at our Scarborough office [some lots may be stored at our London office] - their contact details are:

tel. 01904 672623

tel. 01132 436393

This is an excellent personal door-to-door art delivery van service covering the UK
tel. 01253 794673
[recommended for larger paintings, sculpture and fragile artworks like glazed pictures]

You may also wish to contact other professional shippers who can collect from us, pack and ship in the UK or post worldwide.

Lots not paid-for and/or collected within 21 days of the auction date will be subject to a storage charge of: 
                                    £2 [+VAT] per lot per day.